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Geant4 School | 2nd-5th December 2019

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Sponsored by the Australian Research Council (ARC DP170100967) and by the School of Physics, University of Wollongong
The school is endorsed by the ACPSEM, with a total of 40 points for the event. 
The school consists of four days of lectures and hands-on sessions. The school is addressed to both beginners and more experienced users of Geant4 in any domain, with emphasis on topics most relevant to medical physics, including dosimetry, micro- and nano-dosimetry, radiobiology, imaging, radiotherapy, radiation protection. 


The school will take place in the Main Campus of the University of Wollongong, Wollongong, Australia. 

School Program

Venue: Main Campus of the University of Wollongong, Northfield Avenue, Wollongong.
Morning sessions: Building 32, Room: G01
Afternoon session: Building 6, rooms 6.317
Download the campus map from here
The Agenda of the School can be  found at this link The program may slightly change in the following weeks.
Lecturers (in alphabetical order): D. Bolst (CMRP, University of Wollongong),  J. Brown (TUDelft, The Netherlands), D. Cutajar (CMRP, University of Wollongong), S. Guatelli (CMRP, University of Wollongong), S. Incerti (CENBG, Bordeaux, France), I. Kyriakou (Ioannina University, Ioannina, Greece), S. McMahon (Queen's Belfast University, Northern Ireland), B. Oborn (CMRP, University of Wollongong), S. Okada (KEK, Japan), D. Sakata (NIRS, Chiba, Japan). More information on the lecturers can be found here
The lectures will cover in plenary invited talks:
- Geant4 geometry, physics and tracking capability,
- Modelling of beam lines, radioactive sources, detectors  and human anatomies,
- Analysis, user interface and visualisation capabilities,
- Geant4  (Geant4-DNA) for radiobiology, DNA damage modelling and nanomedicine.
The hands-on sessions for Beginners will be appropriate for participants with basic computing skills and no/basic knowledge of Geant4. The sessions will consist of a series of informal seminars and structured exercises to teach the fundamentals of Geant4 functionality to develop Geant4 applications.
The hands-on sessions for More Experienced users will be more appropriate for participants who have already developed Geant4 simulations applications and would like to  learn specific functionality of Geant4 (which should be indicated in the registration form).
For more information,  please contact Susanna Guatelli (

What to Bring

Attendees should have a Geant4 Virtual Machine as the baseline installation of Geant4 in their laptop. A working virtual machine with Geant4 already installed can be downloaded here.
If  the use of a personal laptop is not possible, it is recommended to contact as soon as possible David Bolst ( to make alternative arrangements.
Social Dinner

Informal Buffet Dinner, Tuesday 3rd December 2019

Norfolk Room 2, Novotel Northbeach, 2-14 Cliff Road, North Wollongong 2500

From 7.00pm to 10.00pm

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